Trails of the Tides

Shoreline Trail and Forest Trail

In front of Fish Hawk restaurant, you will see the Shoreline Trail’s boardwalk entrance. Along the way, learn about native plants and species beneath the water’s surface from the trail’s signage. You will also pass our oyster reef and eventually ascend to the Sunset Bluff, a perfect perch to end your day. To find the Forest Trail, exit the resort entrance and turn right, on the left, you’ll see the Forest Trail marker. This wooded trail meanders past many labeled native trees, such as the majestic loblolly pine, and our horticulturist’s mushroom garden. The trail culminates into a clearing – the Tides Inn Farm with its Bee Meadow.

Total length: 0.88 miles/1.42 km

Ideal for: Walking for adults and children

Woodland Trail

To access the Woodland Trail, you might choose to bike around the water or have us shuttle you to the trail system. With 10 interconnected trails, ranging from easy to difficult, you will discover marshes with wetland plants, rolling meadows, wooded areas and even paved sections. At golden hour, you’re likely to see white-tailed deer and maybe even one of our resident blue herons.

Length: 6.13 miles/9.87 km

Ideal for: Biking and hiking for adults and children