Planning Mode: Jojo Paschalides Effortlessly Helps Dream Up Coastal-Inspired Weddings 

July 05, 2024

For Joanna “Jojo” Paschalides, events manager at the Tides Inn, masterminding weddings, farewell brunches, and one-of-a-kind soirees is second nature. Hailing from a large Greek family, the London, England native and former full-time wedding planner admits she’s most drawn to the creative aspect of celebrations and group events. “I love coming up with new ideas,” says Paschalides, who works alongside wedding planners on approximately a dozen weddings per year. “My guilty pleasure is weddings with lots of DIY components that let me get my hands dirty too. Being up at 3am with a hot glue gun and a gallon of coffee is the caffeine-fueled panic that I thrive on.”

Beyond the adrenaline rush of logistics, timelines, and personal touches tailored to each fete—from canine ringbearers and calligraphy table numbers with photo compilations to nautical boat send-offs—Paschalides finds fulfillment in establishing personal connections and bringing visions to life. “The best part of any wedding is the bonds I get to build with the couples,” adds Paschalides. “To watch them get married and enjoy the fruits of all our combined labors is just so incredible. Every moment in a wedding is unique and each one garners a new emotional reaction from the couple. Being able to experience that happiness with them through the wedding planning journey is everything. Being at the Tides Inn just makes it even better. I get to do what I love with an office view that never gets old.”

Design The Day

Replete with six ceremony sites and four reception locations, The Tides offers numerous options including Sunset Bluff overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, and a sit-down dinner for up to 75 guests at The Beach adjacent to the water. “The aesthetics of our property blend seamlessly no matter your vision,” says Paschalides. “From large expansive green lawns to coastal elegance in our ballroom, your wedding will take shape however you want and need it to be.”

Extend the Celebration

“One great benefit is that because we are a resort, couples can plan around the idea of giving their guests a ‘weekend experience’” says Paschalides. “The wedding is a key element, but we also have guest rooms for people to enjoy the resort as a whole. With all the activities we offer, the spa, our new restaurant and more, it’s a one-stop-shop for any wedding weekend dream.”