The Tides Inn Spa



Deep tissue massage that uses special types of cups to help with inflammation, blood flow, and helps get rid of adhesions. - 60min/$185 or 90min/$255

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep pressure with more of a focus on certain points of the body. - 60min/$185 or 90min/$255

Himalayan Salt Hot Stone Massage

Swedish-style massage, with the inclusion of hot stones to relieve sore/tight muscles. - 60min/$185 or 90min/$255


Expecting mothers, 12+ weeks. - 60min/$165


Uses pressure points to relieve problems throughout the body. - 30min/$100 or 60min/$200

Swedish Massage

Relaxing massage with light to medium pressure. - 60min/$165 or 90min/$225

Table Thai Massage

Fully clothed deep compressing and stretching service. Loose-fitting clothes are recommended. - 60min/$200

Tailored to You Massage

Light to medium pressure with your choice of one of two add-ons; Honey Heel Glaze, or Facial Massage. - 60min/$175 or 90min/$235

Wild Lime Scalp Massage

Hot oil scalp massage. - 30min/$100

Facials & Peels

Acne Facial

Deep cleaning, pore refining facial for oily and acne prone skin. - 60min/$175 or 90min/$225

Acne Peel

Uses salicylic and mandalic acid to exfoliate the skin with a wild lime scalp massage. Great for pore decongestion and balancing oil production. - 60min/$200

Anti-Aging Facial

Targets premature aging at the source to minimize wrinkles, fine lines, and promote hydration. - 60min/$220 or 90min/$275

Anti-Aging Peel

Uses glycolic acid and lactic acid to exfoliate the skin with a wild lime scalp massage. Great for aging and dry skin. - 60min/$200

Brightening Facial

Helps balance uneven skin tone for an even brighter and flawless complexion. - 60min/$185 or 90min/$235

Hydrating Facial

Hydrating B5 intensive facial for dry or dehydrated skin. - 60min $195 or 90min/$255

Renewal Peel

Combination of the anti-aging and the acne peels to reveal a radiant and immaculate complexion. With a wild lime scalp massage. - 60min/$235

Sensitive Skin Facial

Reduces inflammation and calms any redness. Ideal for rosacea and sunburned skin. - 60min/$165 or 90min/$225

Body Treatments

Be Well Scrub

Meant to reoxygenate blood and to re-mineralize, detoxify and hydrate your skin. - 60min/$175

Rappahannock Renewal

Experience a deeply detoxifying body scrub and wrap, warm oil scalp treatment and hydrating Honey Heel glaze, followed by a rehydration. - 90min/$235


Back - $120

Bikini - $60

Brow - $35

Chin - $35

Half-Leg - $60

Leg - $120

Lip - $35

Men's Chest - $130

Underarm - $50

Make-Up Additions

Brow Tinting

- 45min / $65

Brow Wax and Tint

- 30min/$85

Last Lifting

- 45min / $65

Lash Tinting

- 30min/$65

Spa Hours:

9am-5pm Daily

To reserve a spa service or inquire on treatment options, please call 804-438-4430 or email