The Tides Inn Shoreline Restoration Film

In 2021, the Tides Inn embarked on an extensive shoreline restoration project to prevent erosion, increase habitat for birds and aquatic life and ultimately, beautify our waterways. From the project’s beginning until its completion a year later, the Tides captured footage to illustrate its environmental impact. You may now enjoy this 10-minute documentary short film by clicking below.

The Tides Inn waterfront project included:

  • 18,000 square feet of new living shoreline
  • Eastern Oyster reef
  • 42 new trees
  • The preservation of approximately 30 old-growth trees
  • The addition of 10,600 shoreline plants and 10,900 upland plants
  • 1,300 linear feet of boardwalk along the water’s edge

As the new wetlands filter the water and provide a natural habitat for birds, aquatic life and other species along the shoreline, new ecology tours have been added, including “Beautiful Swimmers,” a Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab experience, and “Chesapeake Gold,” featuring our area’s famous residents, Eastern oysters.